Everyone is talking about cloud hosting and cloud computing. Nonetheless, only a few people know what the two terms actually mean. Cloud hosting and cloud computing are basic terms that seem to have been complicated. Cloud hosting and cloud computing enable you to store data on virtual servers through the internet. In addition, through cloud computing and hosting, you are able to run applications without installing them on your computer.

Therefore, the term “cloud”, in this context, is analogous to the World Wide Web. The IT Industry before Cloud Computing and Hosting Before cloud computing and hosting, life was hectic for both IT service providers and consumers. IT service consumers incurred high costs to acquire, and maintain applications. In addition, consumers required a lot of disk space on severs they used to store configurations for installed applications, and important documents. On the other hand, IT experts were constantly troubled by server failures and applications crashing.

Impact of Cloud Computing and Hosting Cloud computing and cloud hosting has revolutionized the IT industry. Investing in these two services for your business will create a noticeable impact on the effectiveness of your business. First of all, the cost, you incur on IT services will remarkably reduce. This is because you will not need to acquire, run and maintain your own applications. The cloud hosting company you contract will run, maintain and update applications that your company uses, on a datacenter that is shared.

Advantages of Cloud Computing and Hosting The beauty of cloud computing and hosting is that it is extremely straight forward. You will be able to access all applications you have paid for through the internet. You will only need to log in using a valid username and password. Another advantage of cloud computing and hosting is that you can save an unlimited amount of data virtually.