EIG companies don’t have a good reputation with the hosting and domain industry, and StartLogic is unlikely to change anybody’s mind. StartLogic utilizes the same interface the company is known and subsequently disowned for, although its usability with that interface is even more cumbersome than established EIG models before it. One of the few perks of this disparity involves StartLogic’s interface actually showing users their bandwidth, and their nearness to bandwidth limits, which is a helpful tool for users who don’t want the hassle of keeping track themselves. However, StartLogic’s script appears to install itself at a slower rate than other EIG models, and due to the surge of upsells offered by StartLogic, this ‘drawback’ is bad news indeed.

Additionally, StartLogic does not have the standard cPanel most users are used to interfacing with. As with other EIG models, StartLogic tends to suffer from server overloads and a shoddy customer service department that is too often outsourced to less knowledgeable subsidiaries that absolutely do not give consumers a sense that this company is looking out for them. Some of the better service providers out there are very proprietary about their customer service interface, connecting users with an in-house staff of helpers and troubleshooters who understand the system with more detail and specificity than is typically expected of outsourced customer service centers.

StartLogic aims to hook potential users with a relatively affordable starting price, but a bit of deeper digging into the industry reveals that numerous competitors can beat out StartLogic’s price standard of around forty seven dollars per year. Without this price point to hang their advertisement on, StartLogic comes up short for luring new users into the fold. Although they offer the standard trial run and refund policy, which allows new users to get a full refund so long as they cancel their service within the allotted timeframe, cancellation policies only affect those users whose needs aren’t met by the service. There are faster, better service providers available for users of all skill levels and price ceilings, and as with other EIG companies, StartLogic is not recommended hosting service. Proceed with caution.